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viagra generic viagra sale times;”>The Progressive Liberal Party was warned before they confirmed Greg Moss MP as a candidate for the party that he was not what he seemed.  Notwithstanding his profile and “well-spokenness”, it was just a mirage, the PLP was warned.   The PLP is the party of second chances and “give a man a break” and he certainly did a convincing job on the stump that he was one of us.  Not so much now and the people who sent out the warning are saying softly: “we told you so”.


You all know the history of it.  First the fact that led to his dismissal from the Chairmanship of the National Insurance Board.  The Prime Minister made an assertion in public about the corporation’s credit card.  Mr. Moss need not have said anything even if the Prime Minister might have been wrong.  But he could not resist, he had to publicly contradict the Prime Minister.  Result, out he went.  You know that it is simply an amazing feat to get Prime Minister Christie to dismiss you.  Yet before two years were up Greg Moss had accomplished that feat.


Then Mr. Moss must have known that the PLP stood for equal rights for men and women in this society.  The way to accomplish that was crafted by a well-known, erudite group of men and women whose legal opinions have stood the test of the courts where it counts.  Notwithstanding that, notwithstanding private imploring, notwithstanding opinions from other Privy Council tested advocates, Mr. Moss’ opinion was for him the only one that counted.  So he got up in the House elected on a PLP ticket, where every vote in a constitutional measure is going to count and said that he will vote against his party’s position on equality for men and women.


 Then there was the gambling vote.  What was he going to do on that?  He looked like he was going rogue on that one too but something happened on the way to the forum and he did a bank and well he supported that.  Whew!  Not however without his party having to endure puzzling histrionics and then sitting on the edge of their seats.


Then there was VAT.  Mr

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. Moss it turns out was the only one on the PLP who was looking out for the poor and so had to vote against the implementation of Value Added Tax.  Notwithstanding the fact that it was known that without it or some similar drastic taxation measure, the country’s creditworthiness was going down the tubes and the finances to hell in a hand basket.  No.  None of that mattered.  Mr. Moss was the only one who was right on that as well.


The latest venturing out now is his performance in the House on Immigration on 9 February.  He has pronounced the immigration policy according to the press as nonsensical.  Yes one supposes it is nonsensical to give people a status who have not had one before.  Yes that makes no sense to Mr. Moss.  It is also nonsensical to require non-nationals in The Bahamas to obey the law and get the permits which require them to be here.  The logic of Mr. Moss is superior of course.   It is a pity he has to apply his ample mind in such a venue as this.


So the Minister of Immigration makes a statement debunking the myth spread by the victimhood propagandists that there are stateless people in The Bahamas, mainly the children of Haitians. The Haitian constitution says if you are Haitian, and you have a child that child is a Haitian at birth.   Oh but that was not good enough for Mr. Moss.  Knowing what the PLP is trying to do, the party which he says is his party, knowing that all he can get out of it is a headline then people move on (but that of course is not a novel proposition for a politician on the make); he gets up and says but oh what about second and third generation “undocumented Bahamians” who are the grandchildren of Haitians born here. 


You call that moving the goal posts and it is precisely at that point that those who warned the PLP about Mr. Moss in advance that he was not a team player that he marched to his own drum, that he was not what he seemed started calling the party and saying: “ I told you so”.


Life is interesting.  We all need one another to get along.  Some things you ought to be smart enough to leave along.  You can’t be so smart that you’re the only one who has the right opinion.  After a while people think of you as a smart ass and leave you alone.  It’s the situation where the mother looks at the march and her son is the only one marching out of step but she says: “oh look why is everyone not marching in time with my Johnnie”?


It is useless to advise people who do not want to take advice; who have no desire to play with the team but seem intent on simply wreaking havoc.  Perhaps it’s a cry for attention, we don’t know.  But if this is love and affection, it’s a strange way to show it.


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