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Last week we ran a headline on the Comment of The Week, calling the Cabinet of Hubert Minnis, the Cabinet of Uncle Tom.  There is no group of or individual Black man or woman in this country that should be the subject of that sobriquet. But every time, you figure that the FNM will stand up for black people and defend the history of struggle in the country, they let us down. They have  now sat in a cabinet and agreed to make Sir Roland Symonette, a racist and a man who opposed the creation of The Bahamas, a national hero.  They have now given a  knighthood to Godfrey Kelly, the man who undereducated Bahamian children and sat in a Cabinet that was corrupt and racist to its core. The FNM leaders today defend those people. They are a disgrace. So here now comes Carl Bethel who we never thought was himself an Uncle Tom but now finds himself in that category arguing that Godfrey Kelly deserves to be honoured because he began a programme of school building in The Bahamas which the PLP merely followed when they came to office in 1967.  Sometimes mama says you should keep your mouth shut when you don’t know what to say. This denigrates the founder of their party Cecil Wallace Whitfield who was the first Minister of  Education under the PLP.  What Mr. Bethel is now saying is that Cecil Wallce Whitfield, the big bad Whitfield by their definition, was merely a lamb to the slaughter following Godfrey Kelly. Boy this something else these folks.  They are simply shameless.