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The FNM is busy like the devil trying to back track on the fulsome praise that the Deputy Leader of the Party Shannendon Cartwright gave for the Prime Minister’s speech at the United Nations. Mr. Cartwright said he was proud to be a Bahamian when he heard the speech.  The FNM party issued a formal statement the next day after his statement, saying that Mr. Davis did not do what he was supposed to do for the European Union and that is why we are in trouble. The FNM speaks with forked tongue. Later the press asked Mr. Davis if he stuck by his words.  Mr. Davis told them that he did.  But we warned the PLP that this is what happens.  The first salvo goes well but then we fail to control the counter narrative.  The PLP must double down and tell the European Union that they are simply racists and that we will not comply.