The Bahamas Ignorance Problem – By: Latrae Rahming

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viagra viagra times;”>The Bahamas Ignorance Problem
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patient times;”>How long are we going to continue to blame successive governments for us as a citizenry for falling short of our collective responsibility? We all are subject to our national responsibilities as a person. Governments solely aren’t responsible for the way a society turns out. But the accumulation of poor decisions by successive governments has proven to result in broad consequences for the future trajectory of The Bahamas.This whole conception that successive government are en…gaged in the suppression of the education of the Bahamian people purposely is entirely misguided. Due to the fact that level of ignorance is exceedingly counterproductive to governing and the implementation of policies in the people’s interest. The epidemic of cultural ignorance is the downfall of the contemporary Bahamas. We most certainly have to question the sustainability of our way of thinking and its influence on our behavior patterns as Bahamians.

It’s a challenge for any country to have a large existence of confident idiots. Educated ignorance is holding our country back. There’s a danger in people being taught what they want to hear and not what they need to hear to protect political interest and mischief. Before you take on information to share it to inform others you owe it to yourself to seek the truth and fact check what you’re informing others about. Bahamians have an irresponsible habit and careless ways of spreading information that they personally haven’t verified thoroughly that just result in misinforming others.

Three of the Bahamas greatest challenges are an uninformed, misinformed, and a society uninterested in their national affairs.The reason way many Bahamians conform to misinformation ultimately is because it’s connected to their opposition to a political, social, or personal interest. A misinformed society makes decisions that are not in the best interest of the country and that can have a serious consequence.Continuously changing governments is trying to fix a problem from the branches of a tree the simply grow back, but changing the way Bahamians think is fixing the problems from the root of the tree. Healthy roots are necessary for the growth of any country and society.The revolution towards a better Bahamas begins in the minds of Bahamians. We have to liberate the Bahamian people from the mental conditions that hinder the flowering of their talents.

It really concerns me that the average Bahamian don’t understand public policy and the process of governance. It will be increasingly difficult for any government to manage the affairs of The Bahamas in a persistent presence of ignorance and misguided voters expectations. Ignorance and political dishonesty are a hard combination to beat in the Bahamas.Many Bahamians have strong opinions about complex policy issues. But few people have the detailed knowledge of policy or economics that a solid understanding of the issues seems to require. Where do these opinions come from, if not from careful analysis and deep understanding? Bahamians need to be more mindful that issues are complicated and challenge themselves to break down the policy proposals on both sides into their component parts.

Our country is broken our moral compass is gone. The social nature of our people and their inner sense of right and wrong is morally being challenged.It’s beyond imperative that there be some sort of intervention to combat the social triggers that are redefining us as a people. The inner voice that tells us what we should and should not do in various circumstances as a society has become silent and there shouldn’t be a sense of pride in the people we are becoming.There’s a need for a critical self-reflection of us as a country because without a doubt we’ve lost our way.We are drifting on our journey together as a people. Our failures as a country Is a choice, not an inevitability.Beneath our paradise, lies a daunting social reality entangled with a growing culture of criminality.The decomposition of our social structure and our growing inability to adequately contain the disappearance of social distinction has led to pathologies harmful to our national development.

For those of us who have felt that something has gone seriously wrong in our country the time is now for real nation-building. If fundamental changes are not undertaken in The Bahamas, national economic growth, and social development will stagnate at the detriment of our people.If we failed to change our habits as a country and continue to be set in our ways; the development of our country will always be mired in stagnation, with declining living standards, and outdated social and economic apparatus.