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viagra sales ed times;”>New Bahamasair plane in service at LPIA 9 January arriving from Marsh Harbour.

Ok so the new Bahamasair ATR is in service.  It does the flight from Nassau to Marsh Harbour and then to Palm Beach and back again.  The first of five were delivered on 27th November.  So far none of the dire predictions of the anti ATR crew have come true  We address the concerns.  The plane can’t take off on one engine if it loses it on take-off.  Turns out that is not correct.  The plane is unstable.  While the Dash 8 can take a bit more punishment, the ATR is perfectly capable of handling the weather in The Bahamas. That the plane has a tendency to stall.  Not true.  That the plane is unstable on the ground.  Because the wheel base is narrower and the wheels are closer to the ground than the Dash 8, it feels a bit wobbly but the plane is quite stable.  It is just the sensation.  The best guess the pro side has to say for the complaints  is that people don’t like change.  It takes getting used to a new aircraft, new procedures and the somewhat chinchy  spacing per the European designs.  One thing for sure, it is quieter than the Dash 8.  The other complaint is that it takes too long to turnaround on the ground. The time is about forty minutes, versus about 15 minutes for the Dash 8. Got us on that one.  But what was said is that the plane needs equipment to support a quick turnaround and also needs staff at the various ports.  That is the problem, not the aircraft itself.  So let us continue to pray that the management have made the right choice and all will continue to go well with the nation’s flag carrier.