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That Marvin Dames is a political nitwit and an insensitive twit, the world knows it. The part that they do not know is that he is a spendthrift. Last year he signed a two million dollars contract to install something called shot spotter technology which was supposed to spot gunshots in the town and stop all the shootings.  It turned out to be an absolutely useless piece of technology, Now comes the drones. He has a man Warren Johnson on the Force who is an expert on drones and drone systems and technology but they think he is too close to the PLP so he has been shut out of the game. Mr. Dames went and signed a contract for 55 drones at a whopping 17 million dollars.  He says that this too is going to stop crime.  That is some 310, 000 per drone.  If you buy a drone that cost 5,000 that’s plenty. Mr. Dames and the FNM have plenty splaining to do.