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The Queen’s Highway in Bimini file photo. Courtesy Eyewitness News.

The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis called the press together on Thursday 14 May 2020 to tell us that this FNM Government decided to lock down the people of Bimini in their houses for two weeks beginning tomorrow 18 May 2020 until 31st May 2020.  This man has got to be out of his ever living mind. As usual, a day late a dollar short. No preparation and rush rush rush.  He claims he was doing it because there were two more cases of Covid 19 discovered there in the past week. That he says makes Bimini a hot spot. The Bimini residents started to scramble, They have no food and the mail boat was not due in until Friday morning.  The other supply ship was due in this morning.  Yet again, the PLP was constrained to rebut this narrative that the FNM has that they know what they are doing.  They are simply out of their depth.  We told them test.  No they said.  We told them masks, no they said.  We said use an app to track Covid19.  No they said. We said lock down Bimini six weeks ago.  No they said. In each case they have reversed themselves.  What a set of bumbling idiots.  Same and shame again.