The British Are Run By Twits On Brexit

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You might be forgiven if the ordered world which we have come to expect seems a bit topsy-turvy.  Maybe it’s always been this way and what we are experiencing is just a consequence of the information age in which we live so that we are acutely aware of every nuance of what is happening everywhere in the world at the same time. It sure looks like the world has gone mad. The British two years ago, for reasons only comprehensible to them, made a stupid decision by referendum to leave the European Union.  It has cost and will cost incalculable injury to their economy and to their national wellbeing.  Yet, these twits that run that country continue with the madness, even as those who authored the stupidity have essentially abandoned ship and are allowing the enterprise to sink their country’s fortunes.  They like Pontius Pilot are washing their hands of the matter.  They have left in charge of it a Prime Minister Theresa May who is such a dim wit and so inspid that she would not even inspire a young puppy. Next week on 11 December in the face of the certain defeat of the measure that Mrs. May has negotiated with the European Union to leave in March of next year, the Prime Minister will hold a vote in the House of Commons.  All sorts of speculation, endless permutations about what will happen.  We took the position here in this space that the decision was stupid in the first place.  The result of the referendum to leave should have been ignored.  But there is this false sense of honour among British politians that causes them amongst other things or resign because they got caught screwing their secretaries. The same false logic operated with Brexit.  The answer is simply abandoning the Brexit and stay where you are.