The Case Of The Eleuthera Dental Clinic

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The statement below was issued by the Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell after a ruckus in North Eleuthera about a dental clinic that was operating under the sponsorship of Lenny Kravitz who is an American pop singer and has Bahamian ancestry and a home in Eleuthera.  While well intentioned, the dentists did not get licences from the Dental Council, nor work permits from the Department of Immigration.  The local population had a strange reaction claiming that the government had stopped a good Samaritan effort.  That may be so but surely it was easily remedied by simply following the law.  Let’s argue it this way, suppose the Government had not stopped it and someone in the clinic got injured as a result of the negligence of the dentists.  Imagine what people would have said about the government in those circumstances.

The following is the response by the Minister for Immigration Hon. Fred Mitchell to questions from the media about the closure of a dental operation in North Eleuthera by the Department of Immigration: 

“I received the report. It appears that dental work was being done without a licence to conduct dentistry in the Bahamas. That is a violation of the law. No work permits had been issued for the people performing dentistry. The officials were called on 12 and 14 December and after no licences or permits  could be produced asked to shut down. There was some  back and forth between officials on the scene,  the sponsor, and the potential patients. The operations were closed without further incidents and the sponsor told the necessary licences and permits had to be obtained if the operation is to continue. The Dental Council formally objected to me about the operation. The law must be followed.”