The Case Of The Small Hands And The Small Penis

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Adrian Gibson An unnatural infatuation 


Lincoln Bain- pretty wife what’s his issue?

The US Presidential election politics has now made it ok it seems to discuss the size of penises in the public domain.  Senator Marco Rubio intimated that Donald Trump has a small penis because his hands are small.  Donald Trump said no, you can look at his hands and see that is not the case.  Remember Mr. Trump called another candidate a “pussy” from the public stage.  It’s gotten to be like that in The Bahamas too.  Lincoln Bain is on the radio every day calling out everyone who he says is a sissy.  URCA does not monitor the content of shows, so people say anything that they wish. He is the FNM candidate.  Adrian Gibson continues with what we call an unnatural infatuation with Fred Mitchell.  The second column in two weeks, two pages of type.  Seems like a sickness for which he needs psychological help. Larry Smith, from the racist school of journalism, writing in The Tribune wants Fred Mitchell to be a weak kneed apologetic Negro. So in his latest column in The Tribune last week, he was on his high horse about Fred Mitchell saying that he wears shades not for the protection of his eyes from the sun but so he can look like a secret agent.  Mr. Smith should know because he wears that hat because the doctors have told him that his fair skin has to be protected from cancer and the sun.  These people are sick of something.  We report below that this is a kind of penis envy, maybe.  Perhaps they all need to go speak with a professional.  Candia Dames we have no idea what her problem is.  It obviously isn’t the small penis syndrome.