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PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell landed in Grand Bahama on 2nd September 2020. He travelled openly by charter to Freeport. Got off the plane after announcing in advance his coming.  At the airport after being lawfully landed without conditions, he spoke to the press. Suddenly that became an issue for the FNM who claim to have taken a picture of him having breakfast at a restaurant in Freeport.  The picture if true is an invasion of privacy and the persons who took it should be arrested. That should also go for the person Peter Outten who posted the alleged violation of curfew online.  All lies but  these criminals in the FNM know no bounds.  Mr. Mitchell told the press that he was there to show solidarity with the people of Grand Bahama one year after Dorian.  He was there to test the procedures for entry.  He said that the procedures could not apply to him since he was a Senator.  The Attorney General had clearly said that the rules do not apply to Senators and Members of Parliament.  That did not stop Carl Culmer the FNM Chairman from speaking a load of rubbish and attacking Mr. Mitchell. But the words fell flat because Mr. Culmer as usual was making up stuff out of thin air.