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There is a moral and ethical character flaw in a number of FNM politicians who are new to the game.  The crop of FNM Senators and Members of Parliament who came in for the first time all seem to have a problem with telling the truth or in understanding the mode of behaviour in public life. What brings this to mind is the conduct of Senator Jamaal Moss in the Senate and later on his social media platforms. The conduct in the Senate on 28 May 2020 does not meet the standard of conduct expected of a public official and calls for him and his leaders to examine that conduct.  The entry cohort of politicians includes  James Albury, the MP for South Abaco and Travis Robinson, the MP for Bain and  Grants Town. Something is sorely missing and it is not training and experience

First though Senator Moss: On Thursday 28th May 2020, he rose on a point of order to interrupt the statement of Senator Fred Mitchell. On his point of clarification as he called it, he pointed out that the reason why labour day’s public celebrations were being cancelled was by agreement with the trade unions.  It turns out that this is not the case. The Unions requested permission to hold a motorcade on that day and were denied permission.  So clearly the cancellation of the public celebrations had nothing to do with an agreement with the unions. 

Senator Moss was supported in that position by the Attorney General Carl Bethel, who has lost very major case by the Bahamas Government in the courts. Senator Bethel was on high horse in a vigorous argument that ensued between Senator Mitchell and himself over the point. 

The letter denying permission to have the motorcade shows that the Government misled the Senate. But now about character. Instead of letting the latter go and taking their beating by Senator Michell in the Senate like men, Senator Moss then ran to his social media arsenal with a  slickly worded, edited version  of what happened in the Senate, trying to give the impression that not only was Senator Mitchell wrong but that he had attacked young people as a class and trade unions.

Then to add insult to injury he blocked anyone from making comments to correct him on Facebook.

This speaks to character. We remind him also that he is on the payroll for the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas which is in violation of the rules of politicians working for public corporation.  He has made a reputation for himself of trying to be Hubert Minnis’ mouth piece in the Senate. Inquiring minds want to know about that and we want to know about character.