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Last week, the Bar Council put out a set of practice directions which came from this new Chief Justice we have Sir Brian Moree. We opposed the appointment on the ground that this was a man simply out of touch with the reality of other people’s lives in this country, you know ordinary people.  Whose attitude seemed to be that of collecting titles and positions. Nevertheless he was appointed. The practice directions are instructions to lawyers about how they are to prepare their cases to appear before the courts. One of them was 12 pages long.  They were a set of technical rules about how you appear in virtual hearings and when the court will allow virtual hearing.  Two things.  We do not agree with virtual hearings particularly in criminal matters. We think they are unconstitutional.  Secondly, it is clear from these practice directions that no poor person , no ordinary man can seek justice in these courts.  The processes are so complicated , they would give you a headache before you even get to the end and you need to be a legal genius to understand them.  As one practitioner said when asked if he thought this would engender justice.  He said that was not on the Chief Justice’s run.