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Adrian Gibson MP, Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, was called a child by the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis.  Mr. Davis was having a bit of fun at Mr. Gibson’s expense when Mr. Davis went to visit the workers at the site of their strike on Friday 14th February 2020. While there he said that Mr. Gibson “this child” was running the Corporation.  That didn’t go well with the FNM.  They said that Mr. Davis didn’t like young people.  That came from that joker who is the head of the Torchbearers Carlyle Bethel. Some of our own supporters swallowed that Kool Aid until the cry went out: “ Mr. Davis likes young people, just not that young person.”  But who says Adrian Gibson is a young man anyway.  These rusty old men still parading around here as if they have something akin to 18 year olds. Please. In any event, the public started having fun with the matter and the picture is one of the funny things that came out of it.