The Civil Service Simply Ignores The Government

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sildenafil times;”>The Government has to examine whether or not it makes sense to continue on this present track or to prepare the country for an immediate general election.  Only problem is that voter registration is low and so when the new register comes into force in July there is not likely sufficient for a poll and we will have to wait. Here is the problem as we see it.  The public service has simply stopped listening to the government.  No orders are being carried out, viagra sale and there is a deliberate campaign to stop everything in its track.  The feeling you get is that the public service has decided that the PLPs days are numbered and so they can wait out the next nine six months and the PLP will be gone.  That is the palpable feel throughout the public service.  The only note of caution we have to say is that the servants who are engaged in this ought to know that if they are doing that it is wrong.  Secondly though, when you dig one grave, you dig two.