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viagra sales cheap times;”>They believe it was the President of the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas who  tipped off Dr. Hubert Minnis, viagra generic seek the Leader of the Opposition about the long lines at College of the Bahamas for registration on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 January.  It was ridiculous.  One man complained that he went there after having registered on line, decease could not pay  by the internet so had to physically stand on line. He did so from 8 a m an left at 6 30 p m.  He left 8 people behind him.  The press said that people were finally told to come back the next day at midnight that evening.  This happens with the College of The Bahamas very year.  The College has so far missed its deadline to become a university and this does not augur well for that.  The students were furious and the President of the College was lost for words.  The next day, the College issued a statement in which they said it was all the students’ faults for waiting until the last minute to deal with their business. Never mind the fact that the whole College shut down on 18 December knowing that there would be rush on the first opening day in January.  Stupidly closed the doors of the business office..  There is a certain inflexibility in our culture that doesn’t allow us to admit to problems and instead we blame those who we are supposed to serve.  So  thumbs up for Dr. Minnis for jumping right in and claiming credit for  getting the late fees waived for the students.  Truth is he didn’t have a damn thing to do with it  but his press was real good on the point.  No one from the PLP has said a word about it.  So the students many went home to tell mommy and said that yes Dr. Minnis says he is going to scrap the VAT charges on our fees when he gets to office and so it’s Dr. Minnis that we will be voting for. Typically the PLP’s public response seemed to be to suck its teeth.  That don’t matter.  Dr. Minnis can’t speak English properly.  Stay right there. Remember: death by a thousand cuts.  It feeds once again into the narrative of an inept, corrupt and hapless group with silence in the face of it.