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The Grand Bahama International Airport file photo

The Bahamas Government is about to enter into another costly deal and allow the Grand Bahama Port Authority and Hutchinson Whampoa to renege on their obligations to the people of The Bahamas and Grand Bahama in particular.  It was bad news all around.  Layoffs predicted at Polymers, the industrial company still suffering after storm damage. The workers at the airport being laid off.  Then the cryptic note that the Grand Bahama Port Authority is talking to the government about transitioning the airport. Hmm! That’s a fancy word for giving the airport to the Government, now that it is worthless, for one dollar and then sticking the Government with the obligations of the Port and Hutchison to rebuild the facility.  They plan to take the insurance money and run, and just like they stiffed these jokers in the FNM with buying the Grand Lucayan Hotel, they will stiff them with the airport. Remarkable how foolish and inept the FNM government is.