The Collapse Of Telecommunications

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The headline in the press said that Garfield Sinclair, the CEO of Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) said that the company was not sitting on its hands.  By that he was suggesting that the lousy company which he now leads was doing all it could to get the telephone network up and running.  The storm stuck a week ago today and the telephone service is spotty at best around the country, even in New Providence where nothing happened. For example, the 364  exchange in New Providence  you still cannot get calls through to those numbers.  The service into Abaco is up and down and the same thing can be said for Grand Bahama. However, it is New Providence for which no amount of explaining and excuses will do.  Mr. Sinclair, however, shows where his heart is and was.  While the storm was raging on The Bahamas, he decamped to his native Jamaica. He returned after the storm had passed. This was the same CEO who trashed Bahamian workers, who are laying off more Bahamian workers, whose company has put no new money into this country and he now says with the system in greater shambles that he is not sitting on his hands. Compare that to Aliv, the telephone company, that had its system back up and running within hours.