The Convention Results—the Winners

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27th January 2017 

Democracy “alive and well” in the PLP 


In what party chairman Bradley B Roberts characterize as a magnificent display of democracy, incumbent party leader and Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie was returned as leader after elections were held during the party’s 52nd National General Convention being held at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort on Thursday the 26th January. Mr. Christie easily defeated former cabinet colleague and candidate for Fort Charlotte, Alfred Sears.

With over 1,400 delegates voting, the official results are 1,264 votes cast for Mr. Christie and 169 for Mr. Sears.

“This was a magnificent display of democracy” said Mr. Roberts who was returned to the post of National Chairman unopposed. “The free will of the duly elected delegates was exercised today in a transparent manner and in accordance with the provisions of the party’s constitution. I extend congratulations to both Mr. Christie and Mr. Sears and I look forward to working closely with both men as we emerge from convention a stronger and more united family.”

In other electoral news, Deputy Party Leader the Hon. Philip Brave Davis and Deputy Chairman, Alexander Storr were returned to their respective posts unopposed. Joseph Curry and Ruby-Ann Darling were elected Trustees of the party, joining Valentine Grimes, Henry F. Storr and Tom Basden. The party’s constitution calls the election of not more than five trustees. Curry and Darling replaced Leander Minnis and Doris Burrows, both deceased.

Paul Bevans was elected as Treasurer unopposed.

The four newly elected Leadership Council Members are Darren Rodgers, V. Theresa Burrows, K. Renaldo Collie and Aarone Sargent.

Additionally, a total of twelve Vice Chairs were elected and appointed. They were Obie Roberts, Samantha Rolle, Quintin Lightbourne, Shelley Sweeting, Pia Glover-Rolle, Sharine Poitier-Johnson, Anton Braynen, Patricia Deveaux, Keenan Johnson, Adama McKenzie, Diana Coakley and Kayla Mortimer.