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There is information  that has come to this site that the agreement, signed with The Bahamas government and a  Bahamian company by the Ministry of Tourism last week  to test people entering the country for Covid 19 is faulty and has been rejected by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. The Government announced that after 1 November 2020, when you land in The Bahamas you will take the instant antigen test.  The government is aware that the tests are faulty and rejected by the FDA but went ahead with the signing any way. The tests are reportedly being used in The Bahamas now and may be one of the reasons why Covid is spreading so quickly in The Bahamas. The test gives a high number of false negatives and people who are actually positive are told they are negative and are spreading the disease unknowingly around. Doctors Hospital and the Bahamas Government should investigate the matter and come clean on the issue before the country opens up to tourists on 1 November 2020.