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In Central Grand Bahama Thursday 18 May 2023

In Nassau at Doris Johnson Senior High Monday 15 May 2023

Over the past week, the Free National Movement under Michael Pintard has put on an impressive series of meetings on the island of New Providence and in Grand Bahama. The pictures show packed venues in what the Chairman of the PLP Fred Mitchell described as the midterms.  So we are eighteen months into the PLP administration and the lesson of the pre-2021 term seems to have been lost on the PLP and certainly lost on the public and obviously lost on the FNM.  We have three years or more to an election and the FNM seems to have found its legs.  There is no way these folk should be attracting the kinds of crowds that they are.  The PLP should take note.  The Chairman of the Party has been warning the partisans and colleagues to take note and act.  We think that what Michael Pintard is doing is designed to show Hubert Minnis that he has not a  chance to win the leadership of the FNM  again.  That may be so but what it also shows the PLP is that Mr. Pintard has access to resources and that he has an organizing ability.  The lesson here is to sell no one short.  Take everyone seriously.  Voters have no loyalty.