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viagra sale prescription times;”>Everyone once in a while a politician or two starts saying that in order to solve the murder problem in The Bahamas, viagra sales for sale we need to start executing people.  Well our answer to that is the first thing you’ve got to do is catch and convict them.  We know that half of them you don’t catch and  of those you do catch sixty per cent of them are released by the Courts.   Once you get to court though there is another problem and people keep beating up their gums as if this is an easy issue to deal with.  The nettlesome problem of the Privy Council and those nine white British judges who have the final say on what happens in The Bahamas in terms of convictions and executions.  They are the ones who decided that the penalty of death always thought to be mandatory was not.   They are the ones who ruled in Tido and the Queen that you need to have a case of the “worst of the worst” before you can even consider the death penalty.  It appears that even cutting someone’s head off and putting in a bag and throwing it in a  field is not the worst of the worst; a psychological and social report before the judge at first  instance can sentence anyone.   The report also needs to certify that the person they are reviewing is beyond rehabilitation.  How likely is that? And how likely is it to expect a   pyshco-social worker to make the life or death decision by saying that the person is not capable of being rehabilitated?  The death penalty in The Bahamas is dead.  Going to the Caribbean Court of Justice is not going to help either because no one has been put to death by that court since it came into being.   That leaves having your own final court.  Good luck there.  Some people say you will need a constitutional amendment to do so.  We don’t think so but there will be a row or whether you do or you don’t.  The  when you try the constitutional amendment, pharmacy ( you can’t even get women to have equality) what do you think  about removing the Privy Council?  One can hear Brian Moree Q C in all his pomposity opining about what a great institution the Privy is and how we can’t do without it.  And whatever the White people say, we Blacks will follow.  So that’s pretty much dead in the water. So why don’t we stop talking about  the death penalty?   What we need to do is put the fear of God in criminals by the police acting more muscularly to stop the crime. It seems to us that the policemen who are on the force today don’t want to be policemen.  They are just there because well it was a nice job, good pay and a  nine to five.  Lot of complaining from them. An army that doesn’t want to fight. The Force leaders seem more interested in public relations  and pleasing their political bosses on the face of it than actually fighting crime.  So let’s do that, let’s put some real pressure on these folks and let’s see if that doesn’t work.