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Bone Fish Pond is but a stone’s throw away from the entrance to the Royal Bahama Defence Force’s Coral Harbour base.  Yet again on the morning of Thursday 8 February, a slow moving Haitian sloop was able to makes it way with an estimated 100 people right on their doorstep. The questions keep going out to the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames. Why does this keep happening and why are you not causing the command of the RBDF to account?  You will remember that the last time an incident of this nature occurred in January of this year, the RBDF Commodore blamed the PLP. The reason was false and illogical and he had to back off.  Nothing though from the Minister. No patrols were being done in that area out west because there was a dispute between the RBDF and the RBPF which had not been resolved by the Minister.  Last week, we told the story of how the RBDF has had two costly accidents, in the millions of dollars in damage, because they failed to replace the buoys in the channel at Ragged Island.  Now we understand that the reason this event has happened in Bone Fish Pond is that the Commodore had arranged a parade for the Defence Force for his review and so all boats are back in harbour and only one boat on the high seas.  The officers are all massing for the parade.  What an interesting country we live in.