The Disastrous Election Result In The U S A

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Well those midterm elections for 6 November that the U S press were so exercised about last week this time are over and the results are in.  We predicted that there would be no change and we were wrong.  There was a slight change in that the US decided to give the Opposition party, the Democrats, control of the House of Representatives.  Donald Trump’s craven Republican colleagues have control of the Senate with a larger majority. Mr. Trump is not happy though and has been further embarrassing himself and his country by resorting to attacking reporters personally, being more rude than ever and simply continuing the pattern of lying and obfuscation.  He spent the weekend in Europe for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War but attacked the French President for calling for a European army, something which President Trump had been demanding himself, i.e. greater European Defence.  It is simply sickening.  So, while here is some change, the man largely maintains control.  It will continue to be a difficult few years ahead. One friend of the column in Bermuda said wistfully: “What can you do about the United States?  It’s like having the flu.  You just let it run its course and hope it passes quickly.”  Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Trump was engaged in a criminal conspiracy to violate US electoral laws along with his lawyer Michael Cohen who has turned state’s evidence.