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health times;”>The proceedings at the start of the House of Assembly on Wednesday 8th October gave a window into the personality of Andre Rollins MP, viagra who we again declare as the flavor of the month in politics.  There was a back and forth between the Opposition and the Government, joined in by Greg Moss (PLP MP), who has gone rogue again.  The row was over the communication read by the Leader of Government business in the House Dr. Bernard Nottage and the assertion therein that because the Opposition did not have a united position on the amending of the constitution, the government would not proceed.  You may click here for the communication by Dr. Nottage. 


Andre Rollins

Well the FNM did not take kindly to that and one supposes they should not have.  All the PLPs should have kept quiet.

Greg Moss, the PLP MP, could not keep quiet and the Speaker allowed him to hold forth on his antediluvian views about same sex and how the   fight for the equality of women has been hijacked by the gay agenda.  Yes well, foolishness but he said it.  That petered out and the Speaker had moved on to the next item on the agenda.

Now watching from his seat was the MP for Ft. Charlotte the said Andre Rollins.  He was holding on to his chair, gripping his chair, biting his lips, grimacing.  You just knew that he was not going to let this pass as well he should have.  It had nothing to do with him, and the Speaker had moved on.  Up he popped.  He had to have his say because after all the communication cast some aspersions on him to and after all the only reason the government was saying what they said was to create a pretext to blame the opposition so the Prime Minister would not have to resign like the Chief Minister of Scotland had to do if the referendum were lost.

PLPs were bemused.  Sounds like what happened was Andre Rollins was thinking of some pretext to say something but it took too long to think of the Scotland example, so he rose too late in his seat.  The Speaker told him, much more politely than what we are saying to sit down and shut up; and move on.

Later in the day, Mr. Rollins was his old familiar self in the sense of a calm and sensible well-reasoned fellow talking about the need for education and supporting the resolution to borrow the 16 million dollars to help out the College of The Bahamas turn into a University.  It was like night and day.

The proof of the failure of the attempted end run was the next day; the headlines belonged not to Mr. Rollins but to others

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. After a while, it wears thin.  In order to get headlines, you have to keep saying more and more outrageous things.

Meanwhile, the PLP was busy. The Chairman Bradley Roberts met with the Ft. Charlotte branch and said they wanted their old representative Alfred Sears back.  Mr. Roberts said the branch wanted to see the back of Mr. Rollins.  They had had enough.  Mr. Sears for his part said he was ready to serve but would not do anything to upset a sitting party representative.

Now the analysis.  We want to ask the question: how the heck does André Rollins find himself in a situation where he is suffering from an entirely self-inflicted position? Here is a man, a bright man, leadership possibilities or so we thought, who was plucked from obscurity, welcomed by the human rights community, the gay community, the  gambling boys, the PLP at large  as part of our future.  He is given a seat and the support of the PLP.  He wins a seat first time out.  No struggle. No getting gray hairs.  First time out. He is made Chairman of the Gaming Board, first time out.  Could travel he world, learn executive government first hand.

If you think accomplishing that is easy ask some of the also rans in politics like: Michael Pintard, Duane Sands, George Wilson, Rodney Moncur, and Cassius Stuart.  What they wouldn’t do to be in Andre Rollins’ position: that of a charmed life.

So all Andre Rollins had to do, was sit back and enjoy the ride.  Make some sensible interventions, take care of his constituents, and get along with people both within and without the party.  The Prime Minister is 71.  Even if he stays on ten more years, Andre Rollins will still not be fifty, and there is plenty space for positions between where he is now and Prime Minister.  All of that Andre Rollins chose to chuck away by biting the hand that fed and nurtured him.  Attacks the very communities that supported him.  By damn! You go figure that.

Truth is stranger than fiction. It is painful.