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I am monarch of all I survey,
My right there is none to dispute…

William CowperThe Poetical Works Of William Cowper

We suppose Stan Burnside, the cartoonist, expressed it best in his cartoon last week when he showed a picture of the Prime Minister  and the Deputy Prime Minister watching TV.  On the TV was a show and the show was the Leader of the Free National Movement Dr. Hubert Minnis and the Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement Loretta Butler Turner fighting with each other.  The two PLP leaders were amused and said to each other that the fight in the PLP ( one assumes ala Rollins, Wells, Moss) was a joke to the fight in the FNM.


The Free National Movement it turns out is going to have a convention for one day on the 21st November.  On that day the singular focus will be the election of a leader for the Party.  Dr. Hubert Minnis is expected to win that election hands down.  The party executive confirmed on Thursday evening 9th October that the event should go on and the matter is to be put to the Central Council.  Loretta Butler Turner, the Deputy, objected and put her  objections in writing in an e mail to the Leader in which she accused him of playing a  “dangerous game” in that he set the meeting at a time when neither she nor the Chairman would have been present, knowing that she would have objected.

The voluble Chairman Darren Cash who has something to say about everything was quick to say that he did not feel left out at all; that it was known that he was going to be speaking at a branch meeting and that branch meeting was much more important than a silly old Executive Council meeting to set a convention date.

Loretta Butler Turner’s letter made its way into the press.  The press went ga ga and the line “ dangerous game” will go down in the history of infamous quotes. 

Dr. Minnis has been sanguine if not silent.  His only mantra has largely been, that he is focused on the decision making of the FNM.  For the last two weeks he has been going from one constituency to another simply seeking the support of the delegates.  It is delegates after all who elect Leaders not newspapers and not the nation at large.  This may be the fundamental miscalculation of Mrs. Butler Turner.  She is appealing to the wider demographic and has the popularity of newspaper headlines but the only votes that count are those of the delegates who will attend the convention, not the public at large.

After the Central Council meeting on Thursday 9th October, he was silent. She had lost the battle.  The question is will she lose the war.


Dr. Duane Sands, the twice defeated candidate for Elizabeth, opined that they must find a way to solve the fighting between leaders because it was distracting from the central business of defeating the PLP.  The solution one guesses is to have this convention and put paid to it.

Something has come over Loretta Butler Turner.  In the House, she separated herself last week from her colleagues over the amendments to the Constitution.  She spoke up for the rights of immigrants in the House, striking an unusually reasonable pose.   This was a woman on some kind of a mission.

Her date with destiny may well not be 21st November though because the deck looks very much stacked against her.  Carl Bethel, the Senator and a Minnis disciple explained in great detail that there is no disunity in the FNM, just the press pushing something that does not exist.

Meanwhile, the evil one is over in Mozambique as a Commonwealth Observer.   Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is pronouncing the wonders of democracy to the people of Mozambique.  He is watching this FNM fight from the sidelines or so we think.  Of course it is entirely possible for his forces to be engineering it.  His amanuensis in the press Front Porch in the Nassau Guardian savaged Hubert Minnis like no nobody’s business.  They pronounced him unfit to lead and said that it was because of him that people were being driven away from the FNM.

We say again Hubert Minnis is not Tommy Turnquest.  This is not someone you can simply dispatch like the former Prime Minister dispatched Mr

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. Turnquest from the job as Leader on a previous occasion, saying that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Dr. Minnis points out time and again that he was a former Tribune newspaper boy; that he was a Supervalu packing boy; that he was always being put out of school because his fees were not paid.  Translation in politics, he will stick to the bitter end; you won’t be able to get him from that job with a crow bar.  The proof is that he is counting votes and not worrying about Candia Dames or Front Porch. 

The PLP is watching and waiting.

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