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She is the Bahamian equivalent of the wicked witch of the East. She is irrational in her arguments and stupid in her interventions. She comes off as crazed and illogical. She was a bad judge and should not have been chosen as Chief Justice or President of the Court of Appeal.  The first sign of her ill intent was when she became Chief Justice, her first pronouncement at her swearing in at Government House was that she did not think that it was correct that Bahamians only should serve on the bench. This after activists fought for her to get the job.  That showed what an ungrateful wretch she was going to be.  Fast forward to last week when she attacked, he former Prime Minister Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham because they dared to intervene in the hurricane relief debate. She claimed that they should have been quiet and she attacked Mr. Ingraham in particular because he was once the MP for North Abaco.  This is the same Ingraham who appointed her Chief Justice and then President of the Court of Appeal.  He now gets bitten in his ass.  That’s good though.  Should have been a case of once bitten twice shy.  Now we hope he sees what tragic mistake it was to have this rabid critic in his bosom.