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Bahama Journal file photo

It looks like it is some people who call themselves PLP and were the hangers on of the ancien regime who are busy spreading propaganda on the Leaders of the PLP.  There are a set of nasty voice notes going around claiming that they are PLP and want to save the party. All they say they need is a meeting with Philip Brave Davis. This is meant to evoke sympathy by claiming such an apparently low demand.  But that is not the true story.  They are really extortionists.  They want money. What they are threatening to do is to run candidates in Fox Hill and in Exuma and Cat Island. They claim they have the support of a powerful backer of the old  regime who they claim is directing traffic.  What they are doing is seeking to create a lot of noise in the hope that Mr. Davis, generous to a fault. will come up with beaucoup dollars to silence them and their threats. Our advice to all PLPs is not to be willing accomplices in these extortion schemes by passing around their voice notes. It would be appreciated if PLPs who get these notes would not pass them around; simply delete them and move on.