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The same nefarious assortment of characters and crooks who were behind the Save The Bays campaign against the PLP are at it again.  This time they have gone to a high priced law firm, supposedly gotten some people who were underaged at the time and swore that they were trafficked by Peter Nygaard. For good measure they included in it salacious stories about the PLP and the Leaders and Ministers of the PLP Government.  They then ran to their ally The Tribune who went into overdrive with a front page story and drop lines and a whole editorial. When you read the  law suit, it is clearly a concocted tissue of lies. This is part of the Louis Bacon inspired  fight between himself and Peter Nygaard.  They are determined to bring the PLP into it.  They use the word bribes.  There were no bribes and no evidence of bribes.  Mr. Nygaard, who talks and over promotes, gave a donation to the PLP  and overblew what  he got in response for it.  He got absolutely nothing.  He didn’t get the lease for his land in Lyford Cay and he didn’t get his building permits so  where is the evidence of malfeasance.  All this  is again part of a campaign of disinformation with the PLP being the collateral damage. PLPs should stay focused.  The Tribune is calling for a commission of inquiry into this.  We would like a Commission of Inquiry but one to uncover and unmask the crooks who subverted the last general election.