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 So the fake and phony Fred Smith front organization was offended this past week because someone, who they didn’t name and couldn’t seem to identify, published what they claimed were lies about the principals of the fake and phony organization that were unflattering and defamatory, so they said. In an angry press statement, they claimed that they will hunt down their detractors and  will bring legal actions against them. In the meantime, they issued a warning to all people who received the  posts allegedly defaming them that if they passed it around, they too would be responsible for the alleged libel. This is always with the problem with Fred Smith and his organizations.  He can’t take being kicked in the face even though he specializes in that behavior with wild statements of every kind about people in this country and about the country itself.  But isn’t it ironic that you have a human rights organization, that says it believes in free speech, wants the libel laws amended, and now they crying wolf because some exercised their free speech rights to say what they wanted.  But that is Fred Smith for you.