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U S President helping to spread confusion and chaos on the corona virus

There is something very wrong about the way this corona virus thing is being fought. There seems to us be a severe overreach that will damage the economy of the world as a result of overkill. We think that at some point in the future, you will find out that the United States went into overdrive on this thing to kill the Chinese economy.  We are not conspiracy theorists but is  just that the reaction to this is overly severe. The World Health Organization has to answer for a lot of this.  If the mere exposure to this is a cause for isolation, imagine what happened when cases of the virus are found in Miami. Does that mean that everyone coming from Miami to The Bahamas will have to be put in quarantine? How ridiculous is that?  Who can afford that: for something which seems like a case of the flu?  Then the stuff about washing your hands, not touching your face or eyes.  All of that is simply impractical.  That is the advice given now for the flu and it is no more effective in stopping the flu than if you just let the thing run  its course.  We are saying to the authorities, you are using a 14 th century approach to dealing with this matter.  There must be a better way than shutting down travel and the world economy and scaring the bejesus out of everyone. The fact is that in order for the human population to become immune  to the damn thing, it has to pass through us to develop the immunity, otherwise we will continue to be vulnerable to it. There must be a better way/.