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The Prime Minister Philip Davis was speaking at the memorial of the late Leon Griffin, husband of the former Minister Melanie Griffin on Thursday 20 January 2022.  Mr. Griffin was tragically murdered outside his home.  The Prime Minister recounted how he had seen Mr. Griffin earlier,  just before the murder.  He had visited the shop owned by Mr. Griffin and was there to buy Christmas presents.  That was the last time he saw Mr. Griffin.  He said that he broke quarantine to do so.  Naturally that became the headline.  These folk in the press want to create another phony crisis like the nuts in the United Kingdom.  The Leader of the Opposition was all over it.   Resignations and all sorts of demands. Turns out the explanation was more simple and straightforward.  Contrary to what the Leader of the Opposition said: no rule was broken.  The following is the statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office:

Statement on the Prime Minister’s Voluntary Self-Quarantine  

from the Office of the Prime Minister 

As Christmas approached, Prime Minister Philip Davis was informed that he had been  exposed to persons who had tested positive for COVID. Between the 22nd and the 24th of  December, he took three COVID tests (two PCR and one antigen), all of which were  negative. Because the Prime Minister has had two vaccine shots and a booster shot, in  addition to a prior infection, and because he had multiple negative test results, he was  informed he posed little transmission risk.  

At no time did the Prime Minister breach the regulations in the HEALTH SERVICES  (COVID 19)(PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF COMMUNITY SPREAD)  RULES, 2021. The Prime Minister was not ordered into quarantine by a medical officer, as  described in Article 19 of HEALTH SERVICES (COVID 19)(PREVENTION AND  MANAGEMENT OF COMMUNITY SPREAD) RULES, 2021. 


21 January 2022 
Office of the Prime Minister 
Commonwealth of The Bahamas