The Fallout From Haitian Flag Day

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Both Perry Christie, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis showed up at the Haitian Flag Day last Saturday 14thMay at the Botanic Gardens.  The Haitian Flag Day causes consternation amongst Bahamians who believe that the tribal nature of Haitians is causing them to have visions of taking over.   The Prime Minister was criticized for going and saying he was one of them. The Leader of the Opposition apparently caught some flack too.  Here is what he had to say when the question was put to him on 19 May by The Tribune:

“They, the Haitian Bahamians and I call them Bahamians, had a right to be where they were and I had a right to visit them and a right to visit anybody in this country.

 “I’m a leader in this country and a Bahamian.

 “I’m entitled to go wherever I choose. That’s democracy. So when McCartney or others say I should not go here or I should not go there, I say to him and the entire Bahamas, as a Bahamian I am entitled to go wherever I choose.

“I voted for democracy and I fight for democracy.

 “Those not regularised are entitled to be regularized.”