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There is no question about who is the lousiest representative in the House of Assembly today. That is the MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson. She is lazy and politically deceptive. Just doesn’t do her work..  It seems she has an inflated and mistaken idea about what a representative is but she simply cannot deliver. The latest example is how she allowed the fence around the swimming pool to collapse and did nothing and said nothing until she was publicly shamed about the matter by the former representative and now Senator Fred Mitchell. Then she went and gave some feeble excuse which was really an untruth about how she allowed the pool to go green because she didn’t want the evacuees swimming in the pool. The evacuees left in October of last year.  After being shamed about the fence though, she still did nothing.  Then on Thursday 23rd January 2020, a public spirted company approached the Minister of Works to fix the fence and he agreed. Kudos to the Desmond Bannister, the Minister of Works and thanks to the Bahamas Striping Company that the fence is ow fixed and the danger of children falling in is lessened. No thanks to the lousy MP for Fox Hill.  Now we just have get the pool cleaned. But don’t look to the MP for Fox Hill. Her nose is up in the air.