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From left former Senator Heather Hunt, Senator Allyson Gibson, Senator Sharon Wilson, former Senator Lynn Holowesko,  Minister of Financial Services Hope Strachan,  Minister of Transport Glenys Hanna Martin,  former Senator Cheryl Buzzard, Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin and Senator Robyn Lynes.

The “Yes” vote was launched on Sunday last by the Prime Minister Perry Christie.  The vote is to take place on the 4 bills that seek to amend the constitution to give women and men quality in the constitution.  The co-chairs are Lynn Holowesko and Sharon Wilson, one a former Senate President, the other now Senate President.  Working at the executing level are former Senators Cheryl Buzzard and Heather Hunt.  There is something which disturbs us though.  So far the “yes” vote lacks energy.  There is no feel of it in the country.  What is needed now is an aggressive campaign attacking front on the negativity of the prejudiced forces against it.  That direct frontal attack seems to be missing. Instead, it is this softly softly approach, trying to convince a set of idiots who will not be convinced and mean to sink it.  The vote is 7 June.  There is not much time.