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viagra usa nurse times;”>What is it that the FNM knows about the Yamacraw constituency that we do not know?  In the press last week, hospital sources indicated that Heather Hunt who was the FNM’s candidate against Jerome Fitzgerald PLP in the Marathon constituency last time was going to put her hat in the ring for Yamacraw.  When they spoke to her, look she was less than forthcoming and also equivocal.  In other words, she hadn’t made up her mind.  The political pundits by chat said that Mrs. Hunt feels a bit hard done by the FNM who unceremoniously dumped her from the Senate using the spurious excuse that everyone had to change after two years, only to see Kwasi Thompson because he is related to the Leader of the Opposition stay on after two years. Also there is not too much satisfaction at the fact that the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham enticed her away from her good job at a leading law firm but was unable to provide the financial comfort following the loss at the polls. Now to take on Melanie Griffin in Yamacraw— hmmm. Meanwhile, the FNM’s Iago Dion Foulkes who friends say is busy trying to get rid of the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis in favour of a return for Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, went to the press himself to say that he wants Yamacraw.  Problem is his friends had said for him that the reality is that as long as Hubert Minnis is the Leader of the FNM nothing is doing for Dion Foulkes.  He needs Hubert Ingraham to come back to succeed. It does not matter who may come. Mrs. Griffin has Yamacraw covered.