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PLP Senators 10 December 2018 Fred Mitchell, Michael Darville, Joebth Davis and Clay Sweeting

The Nassau Guardian caused problems for PLPs when they ran a headline which suggested that the PLPs in the Senate went in a different direction from the PLPs in the House on the four Financial Services Bills.

The Senators utilized the review jurisdiction of the Senate after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition on 10th December, abstained following the Government’s refusal to amend the laws so that they would project existing rights of owners under the now law.  The PLPs in the Senate voted against the bill which criminalizes fraud against the Government as a specific offence because of the draconian nature of the penalty.

Many PLPs do not read and there was a spirted exchange about how the party was disunited.

This was nonsense and it was soon revealed because the day after the laws went back to the House and the PLP MPs joined with Senators in abstaining in the final passage of the Bills.


Here is the statement issued by the party:

From The Chairman of the PLP

On The Financial Services Bills In The House of Assembly

For Immediate Release

12 December 2018


The PLP MPs this evening in the House of Assembly abstained following the return to the House of the Bills:

Preferential Exemptions, Register of Beneficial Ownership Bill and the Commercial Entities (Substance Requirements) Bill 2018.


This is the same position taken by Senators of the PLP on Monday 10 December in the Senate.