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The FNM and The DNA say they want to get married ( no not a same sex marriage but a political one).  But here is what The Tribune said they had to say about each other last week.  That will make for a good marriage:

 “At this particular point in time, our goal is to get the PLP out, they are a disaster for this country and they have made many promises and cannot deliver.

 “The people are suffering, they cannot pay their bills, they cannot buy groceries, they can’t pay their school fees, they are losing their jobs and the jobs are being sent abroad.

“The FNM is in the worst state they have ever been in. They have lost traction, they don’t have any money and they don’t want their leader.

 “They have a leader who lost five senators in the last four years, a leader who no one wants, a leader who let the PLP grab his testicles, tie them together and wrap them around his back. Dr. Minnis cannot keep his party together and they want the DNA to join them.”

We have been approached but the bottom line is the DNA will not fold up.”

Dr. Minnis said he was “disappointed with Mr. McCartney for his “bombastic arrogant attitude, when persons are trying to reach out and move the PLP.”

He maintained that he was willing to have the conversation but admitted that he had “no idea” how the coalition would work.

Dr. Minnis said: “It’s quite evident the PLP is failure and the FNM will do what is necessary to win, to ensure the removal of the PLP, including teaming up with the DNA.

 “I don’t know how it would work, these are matters that have to be discussed and these are matters that will be discussed. As far as anything definitive I cannot say at this point in time”.