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Jerad Darville, Donneldo Harris and T’Sean Mott of the Progressive Liberal Party

The FNM is apoplectic. Who are these guys? Five PYL members took social media by storm. Amad Burns PYL NGC, T’Sean Mott PYL Second Vice Chair, Jerad Darville Aspirant Candidate for Pinewood and PYL Youth Officer, Donneldo Harris, Duran Saunders PYL Chair. 

 The first recourse of  the FNM like every scoundrel is to say nasty things about them,  Even that foul mouthed lady who says she supports the PLP did them a grave injustice. Just nasty stuff.  Even their allies were perplexed.  Unorthodoxy was being challenged. The firmament shaken. It was a breakout moment. When your voice is all you have, use their voice.

After the FNM stopped and trashed every norm, called everyone nasty names for five years straight, corrupt and crooked they said over and over again. Now when these young men go to Bain Town and say look you have done nothing, the emperor has no clothes,  the FNM howls. Who are these guys? Is this what the PLP represents? Guess what yes gaddamit. That and much much more. And what you gonna do about it.

So long as they is no obscenity, no vulgarity, not disrespectful; they are to make sure that they accurate, not defamatory or inflammatory and support the party’s central message: then who should be concerned. Let us support them. Over time they will get better.

The song says, the dogs don’t bark at a parked car. The FNM dogs were howling. They did not know what to do so they came back with the usual brickbats.  It is the PLP’s fault and then the nasty insinuations.  The young men told the FNM torch bearers led by the joker Carlyle Bethel go to hell. Not in those words but they may as well. Trashed them and now the poor FNM doesn’t know what to do.  They know now if they mess around they will be met with the language of political force.

For too long, the PLP sat on its mouth, scared to fight back.  We hope that this is the stuff of something big.

Be respectful young men, do not be offensive, no vulgarity or obscenity,  but fight hard for yourself, your integrity, your children, your country, your party, your family. It is your time, not those people’s time.