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Rodney Moncur, the talk show host, had a field day on the television on Friday 26th April as the scorched the earth in response to the news that Barbara Hanna, who was the person the FNM, put up to sink Frank Smith, the former Senator, had lost the contract she was given just before the case by the Minister of Health Dr Duane Sands.  Mr. Moncur said that he received a call from a distraught Ms. Hanna who told him the news that she was no longer the cleaner at the hospital.

Just go back into history for a bit and you will remember that this is the lady who was the chief witness in the Commissioner of Police vs Frank Smith case. The very same Barbara Hann is about whom we speak.  She started off her testimony on the first day by saying that she did not want to be there ; that she had been pressured into being there. We call it blackmail.

It is clear from the history of the matter that this reluctant witness was coerced to be there by the fact that the FNM wanted to get at the PLP.  Two ministers of the Government Marvin Dames and Duane Sands were front and centre of the effort.  They should be dismissed after being judicially condemned for their conduct in the case. They still sit in government today. We understand the latest is that friends of the Prime Minister is saying he wants to fire the two men but he has no one to replace them with.

Ms. Hanna on the other hand to sweeten the pot was given a contract  to clean the hospital, a contact  given to her directly approved by the Minister who had spoken to her earlier to encourage her to become a witness in the Frank Smith case.

Now Ms. Hanna has been consigned to the scrap heap of history, the dump.  She has been given the boot.  The contact has been split and its said that one of the beneficiaries of the new contract is a relative of Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security who helped to hatch up the case against Frank Smith that failed miserably.

It comes off like this.  The FNM no longer needs Ms. Hanna.  Ms. Hanna failed to come up to proof and so she is now been given a swift kick in the behind. My oh my.

No one should forget that this is what happened. The FNM can try to dress up this crookedness any way they want. Rodney Moncur plans to have Ms. Hanna on the show and if she does come, we ask her to tell all.

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