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Tribune file photo Peter Turnquest, Finance Minister

The business community is quite concerned about the Ministry of Finance of The Bahamas.  The talk is that relations between  the government and the business community is at its lowest ever with Bahamar, Atlantis and the Pointe all complaining that they are unable to meet with and get critical decisions out of the government.  The result is they are reaching out to the Opposition so see if some relief is offered there.  A low point came after the disastrous speech on the budget in the House by Finance Minister Peter Turnquest.  It was filled with political rhetoric but no facts and figures about the way forward. So  business people complained that the communication delivered by the Finance Minister was just plain lies.  So this is the real reason why the government had to go to the IMF, not because they are looking for cheaper money but because the relations between them and the financial markets have collapsed.  No one wants to see the Finance Minister at all. They do not believe a word he says.  It isn’t even clear whether or not the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister speak to each other. When the business community saw the resolution advanced on the BPL 250 million dollars assumption of debt, it appeared that the Finance Ministry had no  hand in it and that the Prime Minister was one way and the Finance Minister another.