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cialis canada seek times;”>brian_seymoreTHE FNM HAS A PROBLEM

generic cialis mind times;”>“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”  Luke 6:45

The FNM coalition went on the attack this past week.  Firstly, they attacked Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister, Fred Mitchell who is quite able to defend himself from any and all comers about his actions in office as Minister.  The second assault came from Dr. Dwayne Sands who is a two-time loser as a candidate for the FNM Elizabeth’s seat.  Dr. Sands characterized National Health Insurance’s proposed scheme as an “abomination”.  The final assault came from Attorney Michael Scott who said the idea of giving the people of Bain & Grant’s Town tax concessions and breaks was bollocks because only Haitians and Jamaicans basically resides there. “No one really knows who lives in this area.”  Our old UBP brother has come out of the political tall grass unchanged and unrepentant with his racist utterances.  After having put the bogey man to sleep in 1967, we find in 2016 (49 years later) he still exists and is real, unchanged racist to the core. 

Dr. Dwayne Sands, last year on NB 12 news said the way to deal with our crime problem is to have a full and frank discussion on abortion.  At the time, not one member of civil society asked him to clarify his point…..not even the Christian council stood up for the rights of the unborn child in the womb.  Now, today Dr. Sands describes universal healthcare for the poor and needy of this land an “abomination.”  Does Dr. Sands speak on behalf of the doctors of this country, and I look forward to them this week putting their position forward.  Does he speak for the FNM because he is a candidate in the upcoming general elections in the Elizabeth constituency so it follows that this is the view of the FNM.  His views on abortion should have been repudiated from every corner of our society for these are dangerous views.  A German despot harbored similar views.  I have said before and will continue to say healthcare for the masses is a moral imperative.  If the PLP believes for one moment that they can reach common ground with the doctors they are sadly mistaken, and therefore, must press on.  Start recruiting heath care professionals from around the world to come and work and live amongst us.  Sad to say most of our very own doctors have become cold, callous, and most of all, money is the only thing that seems to matter. 

The Free National Movement has a public relations problem.  Our old UBP racist brothers have reared its ugly head, unchanged, unrepentant, and emboldened.  Mr. Tenneyson Wells asserted weeks ago that MP Richard Lightbourn’s views on the black belt areas of New Providence were racist.  Mr. Michael Scott came to the defense of Lightbourn, and said, as reported in the Nassau Guardian “to give tax breaks to the people of Bain & Grant’s Town is bollocks, it is a joke, we do not know how many people live there as I understand it, there are a lot of ex-patriates, Haitians and Jamaicans living there, and there is a rental population living there too.”  His comments is proof positive that Mr. Well’s assertion is right, as his comments also proves to be as racist as whom he sought to defend.  Given a chance, our brothers still see the poor as chattel whether they are black or white, and in a heartbeat would place poor people back in chains and placed them on a plantation.  Mr. Scott, I assure you the PLP through Urban Renewal 2.0 knows exactly who live in Bain & Grant’s Town; and for your edification, Bain and Grant’s Town is the largest constituency in the country.  Sir, I ask you, if Haitians and Jamaicans are legal residents in the Bahamas, also Bahamians renting should they be deprived of any lesser benefit than the people of the Bay Street? 

The PLP has many failings, and is slow to react on many fronts, but know this one thing that people are still more important than things, and it still is the party that looks out for the least of these my brethren.  The other coalition will take us places none of us would like to go for we have come too far to turn back with these extreme views.

Brian Seymour