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While Loretta Butler Turner MP for Long Island was dancing the night away and celebrating her 55th birthday, the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minis was working.   The party was held and he was not invited.   Ah my.  Anyway, the story is that Dr. Minnis who announced eight candidates for the FNM and stripped those bothersome former candidates from the Council is moving by the end of the month to announce another seven candidates.  Brent Symonette says he wants to run against Melanie Griffin.  Rich man like cut ass but  hey why not?  The more important issue here though is that while Loretta Butler Turner was partying Dr. Minnis was working to consolidate his hold on the FNM.   A battle royal is coming when Michael Pintard , the party Chair , is given the seat of Neko Grant in Central Grand Bahama.  The Freeport News in its Saturday 23rd Edition says that Mr. Pintard has been canvassing in Mr. Grant’s seat without Mr. Grant’s knowledge or permission. Another issue will be when  the ultimatum is put to poor Mrs. Butler Turner that if she doesn’t get on board the train, the Long Island  nomination will be in jeopardy and on its way to Andre Rollins.  The highlight of the week though had to have been when Senator Loneisha Rolle, a fanatic  Dr. Minnis supporter,  went on radio on Thursday 21 January to say that no one would vote for Loretta Butler Turner for Prime Minister.  The good Senator said that  Mrs. Butler Turner should remember that she was defeated in the run for Leader and that the majority of the FNM support Dr. Minnis.  She said it was only  a few disgruntled former MPs and MPs who can’t get with the programme. Senator Rolle reminded Mrs. Butler Turner of the example of Hilary Clinton’s defeat by President Barak Obama in the race for the nomination for President in the US.  She said Mrs. Clinton humbled herself after the defeat and joined the team.  Now that it’s  Mrs. Clinton’s turn, the whole Democratic Party including the president will get behind her.  Senator Rolle admonished Mrs. Butler Turner to get with the programme.  Among the other side players was Michael Pintard, the Chairman, who said that there will be a convention for the FNM as some are demanding but not one where there will be a vote for leaders.  This brought a sharp rebuke from amongst others Brent Symonette, the former DPM, who said that it was nonsense to hold a convention without voting for leader.  He said if Dr. Minnis is so secure why he is afraid to hold a convention with a vote for leader.  We print what former FNM Treasurer Michael Turnquest had to say about that below.  Perry Christie must be smiling from ear to ear as his opponents seem to be in complete disarray.   However, we warn PLPs that 24 hours is a life time in politics.  It has sufficiently alarmed Dr. Diane Sands that he took time out from his ant National Health Insurance campaign to counsel his colleagues: “Colleagues, I can only believe that we are all collectively embarrassed and ashamed at the side show going on today. It is clear that emotions and passions are stoked to frenzy. We need to deescalate this and soon. The public is not impressed.” Mr. Butler Turner scotched the idea floating around that she had raised 55,000 dollars at the party for her campaign to defeat Dr. Minnis.  She said that it was for hurricane relief at Long Island.