The FNM MP For Fox Hill

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Instead of doing her job, the FNM MP for Fox Hill  Shonel Ferguson is busy trying to stymie Senator Fred Mitchell who holds no post in Fox Hill.  The latest is a funeral for a constituent whose family could not afford to pay for the funeral.  They asked for Senator Mitchell to give a donation and they asked the MP Ms. Ferguson.  The MP asked how much Senator Mitchell gave:  when she heard her how much he had donated, her remark was that after all those folk did him and that’s all he is going to give.  Problem is Senator Mitchell doesn’t have to give anything. She is the MP and she is supposed to help including using the constituency funds to pay for emergencies such as that.  Senator Mitchell did it many times when he was the MP.  Here is how the MP fell into error, she claimed that the man who was being buried was a supporter of the PLP and so she should not have to give anything. Compare that to Mr. Mitchell who helped everyone regardless of party affiliation.  Mr. Mitchell gave real representation, not lousy, begrudging representation. No comparison.