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The FNM is a homophobic organization.  To be sure there are homosexuals aplenty in the party but they hide their light under a bushel. The talk around town is that the Competent Authority sent out a decree last year to all those who had their eyes on FNM nominations for Parliament that they had better get married.  The exception to the rule is Travis Robinson of course. But that is one and done. The past is the past.

The future though belongs to married people. Does not matter the content of their characters apparently.  Once they are married.

So last week, some pictures started circulating on the web of a marriage that took place. The complaint was that the marriage ceremony was held in apparent contravention of the rules in this Covid emergency which restricts the numbers to 12 people including the officiant.

For the record, we believe that this rule is wrong.  It is unconstitutional and should be ignored. But the point of the persons circulating the pictures was that some poor and dispossessed amongst us were hauled before the courts for going to the pump for water and selling coconuts in violation of the rules.  So the question is what is the situation with this group.

The group itself seemed to be the picture of some ordinary middle class Bahamian young men, dressed in their Sunday go to meeting clothes and standing in their friend’s wedding. Except hang on there were some familiar faces in the lineup.

Is that Carlyle Bethel, the son of the Attorney General and Chair of the Torchbearers?  Is that Xavier Knowles, the FNM troll, who is always writing nasty things about PLPs on line and who is now a public servant, recruited to service by the former health minister Dr. Duane Sands. And whose wedding was it?  We hadn’t heard that Carlyle was getting married. Surely it wasn’t Xavier Knowles?

As they say in Jamaica: “ Lord help us”.

The upshot is the photo made it to The Tribune.  The Tribune with their foreign editor got some balls and challenged the government on the matter.  Within a day, the Torchbearer Chair Mr. Bethel Jr issued an apology but get this said that the wedding was not organized by him.  Translation.  It wasn’t me, it was my friend. So he threw Mr. Knowles under the bus. That says something about Mr. Bethel’s character.  Not only is he a joker but he is not a standup guy.

The Police Commissioner got involved and said that citations had been issued to all at the wedding and they had the option of paying the fines or pleading guilty.

So if Mr. Knowles is now guilty, is he still a public servant?

Meanwhile, the Attorney General, Papa Bethel acted the natural ass in Parliament when asked to account for it. Started saying nasty falsehoods at the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Senator Fred Michell.  All of that for another day.

We end by saying. It could not have happened to a finer bunch.