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Ted Prill running the FNM’s campaign from right wing America

The  Free National Movement, its leadership and its trolls are in full throated attack mode on the Leader of the PLP Philip Brave Davis. This past week, they started with the same playbook that they used in the last general election, a campaign of lies, tied to salacious information about Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion designer, who has a home in Lyford Cay. Last week Mr. Nygard was arrested in Canada on an extradition request from the United States on a variety of sex trafficking charges.

The United States does not have a record of justice in its courts.  It is subject to a feeding frenzy and it so easy for the innocent to go to jail, for the guilty to go free.  Having said that, Mr. Nygard is responsible entirely for his own conduct.

The FNM argues that because the PLP accepted donations for the political campaign of 2012, that this means that the PLP is involved in the criminal acts of Mr. Nygard. If that is true then the FNM has much to answer for, since the record shows that the Free National Movement accepted campaign money from Mr Nygard and won the last general election in part from money donated by Mr. Nygard.

The devil at work in all of this is the man Fred Smith, the Q C who helped the FNM buy the last general election with another set of lies. This time the New York Times has reported that Mr. Smith was responsible for generating many of the lies and salacious irrelevancies that surfaced in a civil writ filed in the United States by a set of women who claimed that they were trafficked by Mr. Nygard.  None of this has anything to do with the PLP, except that the civil complaint threw some allegations against the PLP’s now Leader and former  Leader.

All of those complaints amount to untested hearsay.  They are bald assertions with no evidentiary basis.  They would have been struck out in the Bahamian courts as irrelevant and an abuse of process.  But these are American courts and it seems that paper will hold still for nay nonsense to be written on it.

Nevertheless, this is the real world.  Here we go again with The Punch, The Tribune, Fred Smith, the FNM at it again with lies and deceits.  This time the PLP must not play dead.  It must push back and push back hard.