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You just had to read Ivan Johnson’s newspaper down market Punch, to figure out the line the FNM means to take in the face of the widespread disgruntlement that the FNM faces 18 months into its term of office.  The strategy is to blame the PLP.  Last week, the courts ordered Shonel Ferguson, the hopeless and hapless FNM MP for Fox Hill, through a company that she owns evicted from the building.  She couldn’t pay the bills. Immediately as that happened the rumours went around that she would have to vacate her seat and a bye-election held.  Not true but a nice story.  Mr. Johnson claimed it was the PLP who set up the story. The PLP had nothing to do with it.  Then on its editorial page, Mr. Johnson came up with the ingenious but well-worn excuse that the reasons the bills owed by the Government can’t be paid by the Government is that they found the situation much worse than they thought when they came to office.  That the PLP had run up a 5 billion dollars debt (no word on the 2.3 billion of the FNM in two years) and that it was proving difficult o deal with.  Dr. Minnis needed some more time.  Ah excuses, excuses.  Governing is hard.  It is not as simple as spouting off your mouth.   Then Carl Culmer, the hopeless and hapless Chairman of the FNM, had an interesting take on hundreds of people calling for the FNM to go.  He said that it was a PLP march.  Same story: blame the PLP.  This was said even though it was Frederick McAlpine one of their own MPs who stole the show by denouncing the Governs on the march.  The FNM is a silly and pathetic bunch.