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First Hubert Minnis has been packing the courts with his FNM friends.  So justice is not what it ought to be, soon it will turn out to be for FNMs only. Now he further perverted the system by  choosing a largely FNM corps to join the ranks of the Queen’s Counsels.  This is supposed to be the elite of the profession of law which allows you to charge double and to wear a long wig in court. The lawyers long for it and it is a prized plum. Unfortunately, the way the law is set up, it is a political plum and this Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has made it more nakedly political than ever.  So he appoints Michael Scott, who trashed him while he was running for leader, Ferron Bethel, the terror to the trade union movement, John Wilson, a partner of Brian Moree who is now Chief Justice,  Crystal Rolle and Cedric Parker on his sick bed but a hard battler for the FNM as the new Q Cs.  This is nakedly political and no attempt was made to try and identify one person who was PLP. Well that’s how they want to play the game huh.  The joke going around was that Dr. Minnis made sure that Michael Scott got his because he was so antsy about it and  people had already accused Dr. Minnis of killing a former prominent doctor  by dismissing him summarily.  The talk was if he didn’t get it, Michael Scott may have jumped off the brigde and the Prime Minister didn’t want that on his conscience ( it seems he still has one).  Such is FNM politics. Well now the PLP knows what to do.