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22 May 2020 in Marsh Harbour, Abaco

The PLP has to start looking at all sorts of scenarios as the countdown gets on toward the General Election.  One of the little noticed orders of the Government was the postponing of the local government elections.  It was very serious the drafting.  It said that the elections were postponed until the end of the emergency order. That means if this emergency goes on indefinitely, then no local government elections. It also says that the people who are now in the seats of local government will remain until the next election is called.

Immediately one must ask whether or not this methodology will apply to the General Election.  In other words will a losing and desperate Hubert Minnis and his colleagues decide that general elections cannot be held so that they can maintain themselves in power indefinitely?  In these days when all things are possible, you discount nothing, as farfetched as it seems.

In some of our CARICOM neighbours there is a provision in the emergency  proclamations law that allows the time to stop running toward the general election during the emergency period.

The reason we are having his discussion is that when you looked at the video and still footage of the travesty that took place in Abaco with the funeral of the 55 unknown victims of hurricane Dorian, you got the impression that this country and its government is on the verge of collapse. The only national political organization that is in a position to step in to  prevent such total collapse is the PLP.  The PLP therefore must ready.

So as strange as it may seem, the Leader of the Opposition should have a talk with the Commissioner of Police and the Commodore of the Defence Force and ask them for the record whether if the Government decides to give shoot to kill orders in the face of civil insurrection and collapse, they intend to carry those orders out against the civilian population.

This is dangerous stuff to contemplate.  But again looking at the funeral, there seemed to be such a detachment by the government and its representatives that there is simply an air of unreality.

The Government thumbed its nose up at the people of Abaco. The only thing you can say is : let the dead bury the dead.