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So Ed Fields led the way.  Typical FNM line.  The country is in acris and we must all pull together so we must be quiet while the FNM wrecks us and the economy with us. Tell that to these people on the lines in Abaco to get into the food store on Friday 7 August 2020.  PLPs were having none of it and here was their published response on line:

Today was not a good day for the Bahamas and not at all a good day for the Government. In my humble opinion I am well within my rights to point that out and scream and shout about how poorly my elected officials are handling and managing my resources to save my kin and countrymen. 

I take umbrage with his “save it for 2022” statement…I can and will hold them to account now because there may not be much left by 2022. It’s also akin to this PM’s “pee and go to bed” approach to governance to say ‘be quiet and do as your told…hold your tongue until 2022’. The two are not mutually exclusive. I can socially distance, wear my mask and tell you about your backside all at once. They are neither sequential nor exclusive in their action. 

There is also nothing anti-Bahamian about pointing out our failures as a country and asking if we are doing all that we can when we can. There is nothing anti- Bahamian about questioning where resources are being allocated and whether we need millions of dollars in drones versus millions of dollars in PPE, hospital beds, and testing capabilities. There is nothing anti-Bahian in questioning the imposition of laws and exercise of power. There is nothing moot about questioning whether too much power and resources have been pooled in one place. It is not pontificating nor anti-Bahamian to examine whether such power, conveyed by US, is being utilized jusy, fairly and to OUR benefit. 

Only the writer (Ed or whoever – who knows nowadays) makes it political. Every fiber of that aquamarine, gold and black requires us to do the exact opposite of be quiet until 2022. Too many lives are at stake and our Government has shown too poor a response to afford such a privilege. No I won’t be quiet and I won’t wait until 2022. I can speak about my country when and where in my country I want and I choose to speak here and now before its too late. If you don’t fight for this country then you don’t deserve to keep it. Let the privileged hold their tongue, the people must speak.